TransAlp Cup
The 505 TransAlp Cup Concept

The purpose:
The purpose of the TransAlp Cup is to strengthen the social cohesion of the class
and create more awareness among other sailors and the public in general, with a
specific emphasis on the Geographical area around the Alps and Southern Europe,
where historically the Class penetration and development has been weak.

The venues:
The 505 TransAlp Cup series will consist of a series of 4 regattas, to be located in
North of Italy, South of France, South of Germany and Switzerland.

The 505 TransAlp Cup Rules

1. Regattas

The 505 TransAlp  Cup consists of the following 4 regattas:
Cannes France, Campione del Garda Italy, Walchensee Germany, Neuchatel
Such events may change in the following years and they will be communicated

2. Scoring system

The TransAlp Cup will be scored using the low point system counting the final
position from each of the regattas – with one possible discard if all four regattas
have taken place.
The points given for a regatta in which a team does not participate (start at least
once) is the total number of participants in the TransAlp Cup series.
Any boat participating in any of the regattas will automatically be registered under
the name of the helmsman. Boats will be scored, therefore the helmsman and crew
can be changed freely during the series.

3. The authority

The 505 TranAlp Cup is organised by  the Italian 505 Association with the support of
the French 505 Association, the German 505 Association and the Swiss 505
Association. For further information, please contact Marco Giraldi
+39 3395762891